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Choate Construction Company, Edina, Missouri


Excellence is the rule, and not the exception. Based in Edina, Missouri, Choate Construction is ever expanding and servicing many areas within the region. Your concerns, questions, and needs are of the utmost importance. While every project is going to be riddled with it’s own unique problems, and despite our own experiences, we realize the invaluable importance of listening to you. We do not believe that throwing money at a problem is the solution, and are concerned with long-term, financially conscientious resolutions.

Choate Construction offers premium real world services for your aggravating real world dilemma’s. With an unprecedented attitude towards fiscal responsibility Choate Construction demonstrates a diverse repertoire of commissions ranging from mud/foam jacking, to roof repair, to asphalt maintenance, to commercial roofing. Regardless of the severity of the problem or the size of the project, Choate Construction is concerned with accurately assessing your project’s needs, while comparing them with various methods that have been proven to effectively construct, adjust, or repair all of your problematic foundation’s, support structures and roofing systems.

Our bottom line is dependant on the fact that you are satisfied with the results that have been proven over and again. We meet this goal by ensuring that your bottom line isn’t spent. We continue to effectively meet this goal by establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. You are the most important part of our business and without our loyal customers and confident new clients Choate Construction would simply end up, ‘the exception’.


“Mr. Choate and his crew were polite, prompt, respectful and had attention to detail. I highly recommend them”

- Brad Eitel, City of Edina

“They went above and beyond what they said they’d do.”

- Linda Bradshaw

“Jason Choate made several promises and honored all of them”

- JR Crabtree

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